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Citystats StockStars Market Astrology: September 2021

But for now at least, this is the end of the road, folks. However, now everyone has an opportunity to “own” and “collect rental” for commercial properties without any hassles, through REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust). REIT is like unit trust, where you contribute any amount of money you wish to a REIT management, who will manage and maintain a few commercial properties that generate rental income. The fund raised from such exercise will be used to fund several projects in Penang such as Bandar Tasek Mutiara (Pearl City), Carissa Villas, Kelisa Residence, New Juru Industrial Park and Straits Garden (Jelutong). Bandar Tasek Mutiara (Pearl City) township (a mixed residential and commercial development) will be developed in phases over a ten (10)-year period with an estimated gross development value (“GDV”) of over RM2.0 billion. The Carissa Villas, Kelisa Residence and New Juru Industrial Park will be developed in phases over a two (2) year period and the Straits Garden will be developed in phases over a three (3)-year period. On August 20, 2012, Facebook had dropped below $20/share and I made an argument that the market had over reacted to news and that the earnings reports were not as catastrophic as they were perceived to be.


In the early August and mid-September last year (2011), almost all the unique boutique s in Bursa Malaysia suffered massive decline in few days time. Oracle’s revenues and earnings grew in the first half of FY 2021. Revenues for the first half were up 2% to $19.2 billion compared to $18.8 billion in the same period of the previous year. Slack has yet to reach $1 billion in annualized revenue, and the company faces intensifying competition from Zoom Video (ZM), RingCentral (RNG) and, in particular, Microsoft (MSFT) Teams. Is it because of company account fraud, poor financial report, loss of contract, court case, unfavourable news, change of management committee, share dumping by major shareholders, or just solely because of bad market sentiment? It is still early days and the market is taking off. Although not a very good trade, still the commission is low and profits was ok. If the raised fund is used wisely to increase its profit, then the rights issue is good. Good management and balance sheet amidst a tough macro business outlook. You can end up catching a falling knife if you are not lucky. The NH-NL indicator is in oversold territory, but it hasn’t reached the kinds of severe oversold readings that are consistent with the end of corrections.